How it will work:

  • Championship round will be held on Tuesday evening
    -Music maximum of 4:00 each
    -No duplication of music within this round
    (two different competitors may not use the same song)
  • Rehearsals will be held Sunday afternoon through Tuesday afternoon
  • Costume Rules
    -Minimum g-strings, thongs, pasties or merkins allowed.
    -Absolutely no full nudity including any exposure of intimate body parts allowed!
    -Nudity, whether accidental or intentional, will result in disqualification.
    -Non-Tacky gloves allowed
    -All boots allowed including thigh high but may affect technicality scoring if the judges feel your use of boots was to compensate for strength and grip
    -All clothing fabric must be non-tacky
  • All props must be pre-approved
    -No chairs allowed
    -No pyro allowed
  • No vulgar gestures allowed
  • Floor work should be kept to 25% or less of routine
  • Stage names will be allowed but must be tasteful and must be approved by the event manager



There will be a minimum of 3 judges (TBA)

Scoring will be as follows:

  • Technicality: 50 points (Control, endurance, level of difficulty, lines, form)
  • Presentation: 50 points (Balanced use of stage, spin vs static, variety of spins, tricks. floor work, creative entry/exit from moves, fluidity,  poise)
  • Artistry: 50 points (showmanship, musicality, audience engagement, costume, orginality of performance/theme/unique style)
  • Multiplied by Sensuality Factor: 100 points

Each of the above components will be judged from 1-30 points and then further calculated based upon the "Sensuality Factor".

Example: Competitor scores – Technicality 20 pts, Presentation 18 points and Artistry 22 pts
Subtotal = 60
Sensuality factor = 80 or 80%
Final score = 48


Stage Information


  • 45mm X-Pert chrome poles
  • Height: 9'
  • Distance: approximately 9'
  • Stage Right (facing audience) on spin and Stage Left (facing audience) on static

Stage floor:*

  • 24' wide x 50' deep (approximate)
  • Wood flooring

***Note…the main stage in the "open air" dining room…where there are fans but no air conditioning. Prepare to dance in slightly humid and warm conditions.


(Photo will be provided soon)