The following forms may only be submitted after you have confirmed your booking with Castaways Travel


1. Performance Introduction – must be submitted by 9/29/18

  • Competitors who make it to the final rounds will be allowed an introduction of up to no more than 75 words
    – This introduction must be submitted now so that we have it available at the event
    – This may include things like your where you are from, your age, your career, your dance experience, anything about your family (kids, husband, parents)
    whatever you would like to share with the audience.
  • Click here to submit intro using online form


2. Music RSVP – must be submitted no later than 9/22/18

  • RSVP your music <—click here
    – up to 4min 0sec
    -Anything longer than the exact time will be rejected
  • Duplicate songs are not allowed within the competition
  • If a choice of music is not received by 9/22/18 your song will be chosen for you
  • You may request to change your song prior to the deadline as long as no one else has reserved the same song


3. Music File – Must be submitted no later than 9/23/18

  • Music must be sent by email to
  • Music MUST be in MP3 or M4a file format
  • If your music file is not received by 9/23/18 you may not use your previously reserved song and a new song will be chosen for you


***Any information submitted later than the deadlines indicated above will result in a penalty of -1 point from your final score for each day late